Buildings & Facilities


Mr. J.A. Osanyin met only one uncompleted building at OGS. He not only completed it, but erected several others. The layout of the compound and the design of the buildings were done under his supervision. Money for the building was raised through school fees, grants from ODU and the Regional Government. He once recalled that, a 'special grant' of £20,000.00 was given to the school by the Regional Government to erect four buildings, namely: the Principal's Office, Assembly Hall, Staff Quarters, and a block of classrooms'. It was to his credit, however, that the grant was spread to cover the cost of a few additional buildings including the Principal's House and two dormitories. Because of this prudence, it was not too difficult for him to get additional £10,000 when he requested for more money to complete all the projects. This enabled all the boarding students to move from their rented apartments into the school compound in 1956. The hostels and the Assembly Hall were named after Olofa of Offa, Mr Ajayi, Rev Ludlow and Rev Wilberforce (who fought for the abolition of the slave trade). The school was beautifully landscaped and adorned with flowers and shrubs.

Before 1956, apart from Mathematics and Geography, only arts subjects of various awkward combinations were taught. This changed with the building of science laboratories, and with Messrs FK Marshall and JF Faluyi taking charge of teaching of science subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

The physical structure and academic pursuit of the school were boosted in 1965 when a library well- stocked, with over 3000 books, was opened. In the same year a dual-purpose wood/metal workshop was also built.

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